Customer Success Story: ENBW


ENBW maintains the power grid for most parts of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the about 14000 power pylons. The electricity pylons must be visually inspected for damage from the ground every year. Every ten years, one person must climb the masts in order to carry out a more precise inspection.

ENBW has an internal task force that researches ways to improve the company’s processes. They evaluated methods to automate the inspection process by capturing high-res images and video footage from drones circling the pylons. For building a machine learning pipeline to detect and classify the technical components and their status (faultless, faulty) on the images, ENBW does not have the internal resource capacity.

In a project between ENBW, Google and TWT we decided to focus on detecting the smallest important component type (the split pin). This way, we will be able to determine whether it is profitable to further pursue this approach.

Maintenance prediction

Through the automatic analysis of 10,000 drone imagery, a maintenance prediction is made by visual evaluation. The condition as well as threatening growth of lines, insulators, masts and mast foundations are analyzed. Thus, unnecessary maintenance is avoided and affected components are replaced before failure.


  • In the first phase pure processing of visual aspects
  • Cooperation with Fairfleet for drones Images
  • Phase 2 will involve the analysis of performance data on electricity sections
  • Cost savings of several hundred thousand euros per year

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